We know that for some curvy brides just the thought of walking into a store to find their dream dress can elicit feelings of nervousness and frustration. Other women simply prefer the comfort and ease of shopping online. Well if this is you - we are here to help! Choose from our array of our beautiful, high-quality gowns and we will send you sample dresses to try on at home! 

Not sure how to make the most of a Try-On at home? We partnered with Pretty Pear Bride, who has dedicated her life to all things plus size bridal, to provide her expert tips for the experience.

Pretty Pear Bride is dedicated to ensuring every bride feels beautiful and confident on their special day, just like us! Her advice is sure to help you feel your best! Keep reading to learn more.

The Lillian Gown

1. Set a Budget

Now, this is a big one, hence why I put it first. I know, you want to get ALL the dresses but we must be realistic. There is no reason to look at dresses outside of your budget because you won’t do anything but make yourself upset and derail the whole shopping experience before it even begins. Girl, trust me ain’t nobody got time for that.  And also don’t forget to factor in extra money for alterations and of course added bling if you like that! We put all our dress prices clear as day on our website. No worries about hidden fees or surprise charges. We make it easy for you to stick to your budget!

2. Don’t Lollygag

Sorry, I love that word! Start shopping at least 6 months ahead of your wedding, you don’t want to be rushed or even worse have to settle because you have waited till the last minute. I know it may be hard to take that first step but trust me once you do it, it will all fall into place. We can help you with your timeline too, if you need rush options, or even want to buy out of the Try-On box.

3. Get Social

Use Social Media to search for and save dresses. Yes, once again you have to do it!! I know, I know….but you have to start looking so you can see what you like and don’t like.  Hey, you’ve got one place to look, (cough, cough), but also Ella & Oak has some amazing inspiration on their IG and Facebook page too.  Thanks PPB!

The Dani Gown

5. Research Try-On At Home Options

With Ella & Oak the process is so simple and easy, why wouldn’t you do it? You browse through their plus size wedding dress selection, you pick which ones you want to try on and place them in your cart. You then pay for each one, $25 a piece. Ella and Oak recommends to only try on a few dresses, 3 is ideal, more gets overwhelming fast. They give you 3 days (but if you need more than just let them know,) so you can have a try-on party and then send the boxes back. Check out my video below that shows exactly what comes in the box and they even send along a few little goodies for you.

5. Choose Your Tribe Wisely

You need to make sure that you have your best tribe with you for your at home try on party. You don’t need anyone who will be bring the mood of the party down or that will be overly negative.   You need as much positivity and good vibes as you can get to make sure that you have fun and pick the right dress.

6. Undergarments And Shoes Are A Must

Undergarments are key to making sure that you look polished and refined on your special day. They make sure that everything is held in the right spot and that you look amazing. You want to have the same undergarments and shoes that you will be wearing on your big day when you are trying on. This allows you to see exactly how the dress, with your undergarments and shoes, will look.

7. Look for Inspiration and Customization 

I tell brides all the time, don’t worry about size, worry about fit. This is so important because when you get hung up on numbers and sizes, then you don’t even realize that something might have the perfect fit. Ella & Oak can customize any dress with straps, length, etc. So if you see something that you like but it isn’t exactly how you want it, don’t be afraid to reach out and let them know how you would like to customize it. We are here for any and all of your wedding dress needs!

The Anne Gown

8. Take Pictures

Girl, yes you want to remember every detail of that dress on you. So snap away! And don’t be afraid to smile in your pictures. Yeah, I’m talking to you! Please share them with us too! We love to see our beautiful brides and it helps when you are determining sizing for your final dress order.

9. It's Ok to Fall in Love with a Dress

This may seem like an odd one but surprisingly brides find a dress that they love but don’t want to accept that they love it. I know it sounds crazy but so many do it. It’s ok for you to fall in love with a dress, and it might be the 1st, or the 3rd or the 10th but just remember once you find one you fall in love with, shout it out and let people know.

10. Have Fun!

If you don’t take anything away from this list, this needs to be it! If you aren’t having fun doing this, then you are doing it right. So go ahead, live a little, make it a party, add in some snacks, your favorite bottle of wine or champagne and live it up. Oh, and you can’t forget some good music either. I’m a little partial to 90’s rap and pop but hey you do you! We even have a Spotify Playlist if you need a little inspiration!

Huge Thanks to Pretty Pear Bride for some the great tips she shared.  Be sure to check out her site which has tons of resources for plus size brides!

And if you want to see her live try-on, you can catch the IGTV video here.